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Rig's & Rig Construction



Kevin Nash first produced the Safety Bead used in the Safety Bolt Rig a few years ago, but I now tend to use the slightly larger version produced by Korda. I also use Korda swivels (They fit perfectly into the clip - as you would expect!), Korda leads & tail rubbers. I use either ESP Anchor rig tubing or Leadcore behind the lead for anti-tangle purposes. Together these component produce an extremely safe, tangle free rig, Which works brilliantly, especially on weedy waters. On most rig's it is the lead which causes most of the problems when playing a fish amongst snags or weed. The clip allows the lead to be released, hence, leaving you in direct contact with the fish. You may loose a few leads, but you'll safely land a few more Carp! The clip also allows the lead to be change without breaking-down your rig. I remove the swivels from my leads when using this rig, it brings the weight closer to the mainline, which helps with the initial pricking of the fish & adds to it's anti-tangle properties. Works well with stiff or supple rigs & in PVA bags. The safest rig in use today - get on them!

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Safety Bolt Rig


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