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Rig's & Rig Construction


Many Carp anglers associate the Helicopter Rig with long-range fishing because of it's excellent anti-tangle properties, but in recent times the Safety Bolt Rig has equalled this. The Helicopter Rig still has it's place in the modern Carp anglers rig selection - for it's unequalled ability for bait presentation when fishing in silt or weed. The bead on the tubing/leadcore can be adjusted to the depth of the silt, preventing the lead pulling the hooklength & hookbait into obscurity. A trick we have been using to find the depth of silt, is to use a rig without a hooklength & attach a length of light coloured wool between the lead clip & the bead (This can be positioned as far up the tubing/leadcore as you see fit). This is then cast into the area you intend to fish & left for a few minutes. When the rig is wound in you will see that the silt has stained the wool - giving you an accurate measurement of the depth of the silt. Some anglers find fishing in silt difficult, using the correct presentation can bring rewards - try it!


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Helicopter Rig




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